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The Alimony Protection Group, LLC is a subsidiary of Alliance Financial Resources, LLC.  A group of experienced insurance professionals committed to providing our clients with unbiased advice and assistance in obtaining the best possible coverage available in the marketplace today.  The Alimony Protection Group, LLC (APG) has collaborated with many experienced matrimonial attorneys to create and develop the Alimony Protection Plan™.   This program addresses many of the issues and pitfalls that are associated with the acquisition and on-going management of life and disability insurance policies that are required as part of today’s complex divorce process.  A more detailed description of the Alimony Protection Plan™ can be found on this web-site, but rest assured that the Alimony Protection Group is poised to provide you with a comprehensive suite of services and products to assist you in fulfilling the insurance obligations specified in your property settlement agreement. 
 Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, discuss your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.

Our Services Include:

Current Coverage Verification 
We will contact the existing insurance carriers for both parties in a divorce to obtain an independent third-party summary and verification of any existing life and/or disability policies. A detailed report will be provided with pertinent policy information.  
Eligibility for Coverage 
If the need for new or additional coverage is indicated, we will obtain preliminary underwriting approval for the supporting spouse and/or supported spouse to verify their eligibility for coverage. 
Calculating New Coverage Amount 
The Alimony Protection Group’s coverage calculator can be used by your attorney to determine the appropriate amount of coverage that will be needed.  
Coverage Options 
We can provide you and your attorney a full range of coverage options for your review and consideration. 
Disability Planning 
Since there is a greater risk of disability before age 65 than death, we will also provide options to insure this risk. 
New Coverage Placement 
The Alimony Protection Group represents it’s clients to over 50 carriers in the insurance marketplace as well as offering a Disability Policy designed specifically to insure the obligations specified in divorce agreements.  
Policy Ownership 
We are available to review and explain your policy ownership options and the tax impact of each option. 
Beneficiary Designations 
We are available to provide guidance on structuring beneficiary designations when minor children are involved. 
Existing Policy Beneficiary Changes 
We will assist you in changing the beneficiary designations on existing policies to match your settlement agreement. 
Post-Divorce Coverage Verification 
We will provide and assist in structuring multiple levels of notification and verification that keep both parties informed of policy premium payments and status. 
Post-Divorce Policy Changes 
We will assist you in making policy changes as specified in your settlement agreement. 

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